Day into Night Event Branding

Event Branding done for an exhibition held by Colours Beautified™. An interactive exhibition experience that exposed consumer and professionals to new brands within the health and beauty industry. Created so consumers could get a taste of the beauty industry on a more interactive level – the exhibition fused together the tradeshow model and nightlife scene with surreal ambiance, stunning audio/video installations and theatrical visuals. It was a celebration of artistic talent including the best hair and make-up stylists in the world, and an educational experience for the beauty consumer. This interactive exhibition was the first of its kind for the emerging Canadian market. The Event described by it’s name “Day into Night” changed the association of a day time consumer trade show, Colours Beautified inaugurated the concept of a day trade show with the transition into a night time extravaganza, combining fashion/beauty and health.

Day into Night Proof revised_C4Day-into-Night-inside1        Day into Night_Poster